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Patient Care Pathway

Estancia MEdical Academy

The Estancia Medical Academy is a program that combines academic instruction with specialized training in that perspective health profession. Our goal of the program is to expose students to the diverse health career opportunities available in the medical industry. Students that are interested in joining the EMA program will begin their experience in the sophomore year taking two classes for a total of one year. In the fall, they will take Introduction to Medical Careers, and then Medical Terminology in the spring. Their journey continues into their junior year by taking one full year of Emergency Medical Responder. In this class, students learn various pre-hospital medical emergencies and treatments which could lead them to a fire department ride-along or trauma shadow opportunities. And then as a senior, students will conclude the program with a year of Sports Medicine.  Our new state of the art medical lab is half class, half lab. We have purchased all new equipment including simulation mannequins, EMS gurneys, and much more to help aid the success of our EMA students. 

Mission & Value Statement

Estancia Medical Academy values are the guiding principles that serve as the foundation for everything we think, say and do as a high school student and as a professional in the pre-hospital/ medical environment. They are our organizational code of conduct and signify what we stand for. We refuse to be less than what these values represent. Any philosophy, policy, practice or behavior that is outside of these values is unacceptable and will either be improved or removed. 

Teaching Staff

Mr. Hayato Yuuki
CTE Department Chair
EMA Coordinator

  • Health Science Fundamentals/ Introduction to Medical Professions
  • Medical Terminology
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Sports Medicine