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Hayato Yuuki Locker

Hayato Yuuki

A little about me....

Hey everyone, welcome to my BIO page! My name is Mr. Yuuki and I am the Career Technical Education (CTE) Department Chair. My primary role here at Estancia High School is that I am the coordinator/facilitator of the Estancia Medical Academy. This will be my 6th year here at EHS. I teach the Introduction to Medical Professions class, along with a 2nd semester follow up with Medical Terminology. I also teach the Emergency Medical Responder course as well. To find out more about the Estancia Medical Academy, please check out the "Medical Pathway" link under the "Programs" tab. 

Along with being a teacher here at EHS, I am also an EMT/Paramedic that works on a trauma team at UCI Medical Center. My trauma shifts are usually the graveyard shifts on either Friday or Saturday evenings. I do bring a lot of experience and stories to the Medical Pathway and to our students. I have been involved with EMS for the past 12 years working on an ambulance with the Anaheim Fire Department, and now working with some of the best doctors, surgeons, and nurses on a Level 1 trauma team. 

Should you need to contact me, please feel free to email me or school loop message me. Both emails can be found on my school syllabus. I can also be found in my classroom, Room 264 in the World Languages Court. 

Let's have a great year Eagles!  

Class periods and extra curricular involvement

For the 2016-2017 school year, I will be teaching the following:

Periods 1, 2, 3, 5

Introduction to Medical Professions

Medical Terminology

Periods 4, 6

Emergency Medical Responder



HOSA Advisor

Australia Club Advisory(traveled to Australia with the Summer Delegation 2014)

Field Studies Advisory

PR/Branding Committee

Link Advisory

Scholarship Advisory

Guidance Advisory


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Mr. Yuuki
Mr. Yuuki