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Good Reading Suggestions

Deep Survival

400 Years of White Trash in America

The Monkey Wrench Gang

Fire on the Mountain

The Brave Cowboy

Desert Solitaire

Born A Crime

Fight Club

Hillbilly Elegy

Born to Run

Into the Wild

The Shallows

Seven Splendid Suns

Looking for Alaska

The Sun Also Rises

What is the What

I Am America (And So can You!)

Funny in Farsi

The Way You Wear Your Hat


D-Day/ Stephen Ambrose

The Big Show -A Tribute to ESPN's Sports Center

The World Without Us

The Life of Pi


The Greatest Generation


In Dubious Battle

Rat Pack Confidential


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Marc Rodig

Adjusting to Distance Learning

Hybrid Learning Expectations

Students will log in on Zoom and learn with the in-person cohort for the full class period all days of the week.


Some suggestions moving forward this year...

*Create a routine and a schedule like before Distance Learning started

*Stay disciplined with scheduled time to manage your coursework and submit it on time

*Designate time away from electronics

*Spend an hour each day getting out to exercise -walk, jog, bike, stretch, yoga...just move your body

*Enjoy local parks or trails and get to know your neighbors




Zoom Expectations


*Find a quiet area to work


*Dress appropriately


*Log-in using your NMUSD login 3-5 minutes before class starts


*Attendance is mandatory


*Use appropriate language and turn off all other electronics


*Use chat to talk directly with me during a lesson or for clarification


*Sit up so I can see your whole face and be ready to learn when class begins

Google Classroom Codes

English 3AB


Period 1     kbtegnf

Period 3     tgotats

Period 5     km4bfnj


"We are all stupid, just on different subjects."-Mark Twain

Office Hours and Support Block

Office Hours  Tuesdays  1:00-1:45

Open for any student help

Zoom ID 976 9042 0959 



Support Block  Wednesdays 9:50-10:40

Mandatory all "D" and "F" students

Zoom ID 976 9042 0959

Class Codes for

Class Codes


English Period  1   26762285


English  Period 2   26762297


English  Period 3   26762292


English Period  5   26762296  


Password for all classes: Rodig


B.A. English Literature San Diego State University 1996

No Child Left Behind Certification 2006

American Homeland Solutions Certification 2007

AP College Board English Lit and Composition Certification 2008


Estancia English Department

English 3AB American Literature

English 4 ERWC

Link Crew Coordinator 

The Talon Advisor/ Journalism


SBAC Link 


Rodig Zoom ID

Zoom ID 976 9042 0959



Google Classroom Codes

Period 1  kbtegnf

Period 3  tgotats

Period 5  km4bfnj

American Literature

A survey of American Literature which includes:The Crucible, The Great Gatsby and other non-fiction including America's Factory Farming System and Should Americans be Vaccinated?

English 3AB Grading Scale

Adv  95%        Advanced

Pro   85%       Proficient

Dev  75%       Developing

Em   65%       Emerging

Bgl   50%       Below Grade Level

Ex    Excused

Weighted Assignments

Classwork/ Homework          20%

Discussions/ Presentations   20%

Tests Quizzes                        20%

Writing                                   40%

Commonly Used Transitional Words and Phrases

Commonly Used Transitional Words and Phrases

Class Information