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Energy Invitational

What is the Energy Invitational?

Engineering Design students have the opportunity to participate in the Energy Invitational Competition through Vital Link.  Students build a vehicle from the group up or by modifying existing vehicles using a combination of energy sources.  As students build their operational prototypes, they acquire an understanding of electrical and mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, physics, materials science, alternative fuels, statistics, algebra, CAD/3D printing, technology, and fabrication.  Students also learn about entrepreneurship, marketing, and general management skills.  Students work with industry professional mentors on developing a design for their energy-efficient vehicle.   Final designs are presented to a panel of judges. Each team explains their development skills in manufacturing and assembling, computer modeling, engineering, analysis, research, and testing.

2021 Energy Invitational
Photograph from the 2021 Energy Invitational
Building an energy efficient vehicle