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PTSA Meeting Dates

Meeting dates for the 2022-2023 school year:

September 19

November 21

January 23

March 20

May 15

Meetings begin at 7 p.m.  All meetings will be held in the EHS Library.  

The number one priority for parents is their children's well-being. More than 30 years worth of research has proven parental involvement at home and school makes for higher test scores and improved schools!

There is a simple way to help your child succeed:  Join PTSA!   We work together with teachers, students, and staff to share ideas about programs and activities that benefit our children. Our PTSA provides information and resources that strengthen the connections between children, parents, schools, and the community. 

For only $10, you can become an Estancia PTSA member and receive the following valuable benefits:

  • Online parenting resources, including select articles from the magazine Our Children
  • E-newsletters on parenting and legislative issues
  • Exclusive discounts and offers from PTA sponsors such as Office Depot and Barnes & Noble
  • Member-to-Member network, connecting you to Congress when help in needed on issues important to children, schools, and families
  • Scholarship opportunities for parent, teacher, and student members

Your membership helps Estancia PTSA to oversee and provide our many great programs including:

  • Awards Night
  • Staff Appreciation Events         
  • School Registration
  • Honorary Service Awards
  • Families Helping Families & Holiday Adopt A Family
  • College Night
  • Email News, Legislation Alerts and Information on Parenting, Education and Related Subjects
  • Site Support (funding specific items that are not funded by the district, including library support, campus improvements, student support)
  • WASC Accreditation Support

Join Estancia PTSA by visiting the following link.  In just a few clicks you can join PTSA for yourself and your student. You can also print membership cards and access membership perks at the same time. This is a wonderful new membership platform adopted by California State PTA. 

Estancia PTSA Membership

Or Join via Paypal

Value of student members:

  • To provide a new perspective on PTA activities and programs
  • To provide information on student interests and problems
  • To give students the opportunity to participate in the planning and executing of PTA/PTSA programs
  • To provide an avenue for community service
  • To give students and adults a better understanding of each other
  • To teach students useful skills such as leadership and public speaking
  • To introduce students to the legislative process through PTA’s involvement in legislative activities


Dear Estancia Student,

Do you want to make a difference in your school and community?  Do you wish you could have more say in what happens in your school?  Do you wish parents, teachers and administrators better understood your needs?  Do you think adults should know more about the views of today’s students?

A PTSA membership offers you these kinds of opportunities.  The PTSA is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the world with six million members.  The PTSA is one of the few youth-focused organizations that actually gives students equal vote.  We advocate for issues and laws pertaining to youth; and even before legal voting age, your voice will be heard locally, statewide, and nationwide as a member of a trusted national youth advocacy organization.

Through your PTSA involvement, you can gain leadership experience and learn new skills.  You can improve your school and community by organizing and participating in PTSA programs, addressing health issues, violence prevention, and arts education to name a few. 

Join Estancia PTSA for only $10.  Click here to join the PTSA

Do you have special talents or skills that you would like to share? Perhaps you are computer savvy, like to cook or bake, have great people skills. Or are you artistic, like to plan parties, or have great organizational skills? Well, all of those skills and more can be used within PTA. We still have positions to fill and committees to form that may not require as big of a time commitment as an elected officer, but are equally important to the running of our PTSA. If you interested or want to find out more, please contact the Estancia High School PTSA.  

Contact Us

PTSA Email

2022-23 Board

Executive Board


Executive VP
Stephanie Joyce

1st VP Legislation
Kristin Viramontes

2nd VP Membership
Mary Rodriguez

3rd VP Ways & Means 
Heather Harder

Ways & Mean Co
Kath Williams

Kirsten McNiff

Recording Secretary 
Lesli De La O

Maggie Dodge

Noel Evans

Appointed Officers

Families Helping Families/Grad Nite
Karen Ray

Bridget Duffin

Lindsey North