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Equitable Athletic Participation DatA


Athlete Clearance is ONLINE

MANDATORY to be enrolled in your 9th period SPORT   

Due NOW - Clearance on day of game WILL NOT BE granted

         2019-20 Athlete Clearance Packet

En la página principal, mire el video tutorial/On log-in page, watch tutorial video

Click here to find a DOCTOR for sports clearance

If you need HEALTH INSURANCE - Offered by N-MUSD:

Myers-Stevens & Toohey

Spanish-Myers-Stevens & Toohey

CONTACT the Athletic Office:

 Athletic Director: Nate Goellrich 949-515-6558

Support Secretary: Marykay Jones 949-515-6508

Contact a Head Varsity Coach

Baseball: Bishop Griggs

Basketball (Girls): Judd Fryslie

Basketball (Boys): Xavi Castellano

Cheer: Yumi Patterson

Cross Country (Boys): Charlie Appell

Cross Country (Girls): Ruby Mejia

Football: Mike Bargas

Golf (Girls): Brian Burgess

Golf (Boys): Art Perry

Softball: Kari Gutierrez 

Soccer (Girls): Joshua Juarez

Soccer (Boys): Robert Castellano

Swim (Girls): Amber Peters

Swim (Boys): Matthew Frazier

Tennis (Girls): Kevin Springer

Tennis (Boys): Nate Goellrich

Track & Field: Matthew Redding

Volleyball (Girls): Alejandro De Mendoza

Volleyball (Boys): Alejandro De Mendoza

Water Polo (Girls/Boys): Matthew Frazier

Wrestling: Abraham Aguilar

Participation in Athletic Competition (AR 6145.2)

Title IX

Title IX is a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in any federally funded education program or activity.  Title IX in Athletics provides for: Equal Opportunities to Play Sports, Equal Treatment and Benefits in School Sports Programs, Prohibition of Retaliation when making a complaint about inequalities. 

N-MUSD Non-Discrimination Statement

N-MUSD Policies & Guidelines

Parent Resources

Tryout Information

Try-out dates for all sports are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. 
Please contact the coach directly for up to date information regarding try-outs for their sport.
You must have a current physical and insurance information on file in the athletic office prior to any and all try-outs. 
All athletes must be cleared through the athletic department for participation; no exceptions.
Contact the coach from the middle of this page.