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Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Jennifer Chamberlin Assistant Principal (949) 515-6551
Michael Halt Principal (949) 515-6550
Tim Tolzda Assistant Principal (949) 515-6552 


Counseling Office
Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Maria Barragan School Community Facilitator (949) 515-6563
Heather Gerber Counselor - Grade 10 & Grade 9 A-H (949) 515-6557
Daniel Nafarrate Counselor - Grade 11 & Grade 9 Q-Z (949) 515-6554
Mindy Savage Counselor - Grade 12 & Grade 9 I-P (949) 515-6555
Carrie Smith Counselor - AVID & Lyceum Academy  (949) 515-6545
Diana St. Germain School Community Facilitator (Tuesdays only) (949) 515-6556 
Victoria Golden Secondary Office Support Specialist (949) 515-6504


Name Position Email Address
Siggy Abuel Language Arts Teacher & Department Chair
Jennifer Atkins Special Education Teacher
Michael Bargas Health Teacher
Jeanette Bebeau Special Education Teacher
Brian Burgess Physical Education Teacher
Margaret Cannon Social Science Teacher & Department Chair
Sara Cazalis World Language Teacher & Department Chair
Ginger Collins Language Arts Teacher
David Conlay Language Arts Teacher
Mark Cygan Science Teacher & Department Chair
Rachel de los Santos Science Teacher
Marian Dickey Langauge Arts Teacher
Mayra Figueroa World Language Teacher & Activities Director
Nathan Goellrich Physical Education Teacher & Athletic Director
Tyler Harris ROP Digital Media Arts Teacher
Nathan Hunter Math Teacher & Department Chair
Duane Jennrich ROP Construction Technology Teacher
Judy Joseph Special Education Teacher
Scott Kahawai Social Science Teacher
Russell King Math Teacher
Robert Kleppe Science Teacher
Barbara Kollar Special Education Teacher
David Larson Science Teacher
Pauline Maranian Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Rich Mayfield Project Lead the Way Teacher
Ruby Mejia World Language Teacher
Denise Moore Language Arts Teacher & Link Crew Coordinator
Stacy Neacato Visual & Performing Arts Teacher & Department Chair
Karen Nedza Special Education Teacher & Department Chair
Ranelle O'Meara Special Education Teacher
Christina Otto Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Kimberly Riley Math Teacher
Crystal Rincon Special Education Teacher
Alison Rockwood Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Marc Rodig Language Arts Teacher & Link Crew Coordinator
Catherine Rodriguez World Language Teacher
Bill Schade ELD Teacher & Department Chair
Chris Schilling Social Science Teacher
Christina Scutti ROP Sports Medicine Teacher
Tim Shaw Adaptive Physical Education Teacher
Valerie Smith Math Teacher
Chris Sorce Special Education Teacher
Robert Sterling AVID Teacher
Jennifer Thomas Math Teacher
Todd Twogood Chemistry/Physics Teacher
Nancy Velasco World Language Teacher
Jon Williams Social Science Teacher
Kent Williams Social Science & Credit Recovery Teacher
John Yeomans Language Arts Teacher
Hayato Yuuki ROP Medical Academy Teacher
Charlotte Zaremba Science & Math Teacher
Kamila Zimnoch Math Teacher


Athletic Office
Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Nate Goellrich Athletic Director (949) 515-6558
Marykay Jones Secondary Office Support Specialist (949) 515-6508


Activities Office
Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Mayra Figueroa Activities Director (949) 515-6553
Deanne Quinlan Activities/ASB Accounting Clerk (949) 515-6506


Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Debbie FitzGerald Librarian (949) 515-6512
Carolyn Parks Library/Media Technician (949) 515-6512


Attendance Office
Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Amber Kaiser Attendance Office (949) 515-6505
Sylvia Martinez Attendance Office (949) 515-6505


Health Office
Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Kathe Adamiak School Nurse (949) 515-6507
Nancy Newnum Health Office Assistant (949) 515-6507


Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Jacqueline Ceballos-Reyna Secondary Office Support Specialist (949) 515-6502
Linda Fullmer Office Manager (949) 515-6501
Samuel Galvez Noyola Campus Safety (949) 515-6513
Ilene Herman Registrar (949) 515-6514
Karyn Lee School Psychologist (949) 515-6547
Han Nguyen School Psychologist (949) 515-6574
Mike Ortiz Campus Safety (949) 515-6513
Deborah Pridmore Cafeteria Manager (949) 515-6510
Joe Quinteros Information Technology Support Technician (949) 515-6596
Carol Rodriguez Job Transition Specialist - Workability (949) 515-6532
Ganina Rubio Campus Safety (949) 515-6513
Jenn Sweet ROP Career Specialist (949) 515-6509
May Vanek Job Transition Specialist - TPP (949) 515-6533
Patti White Speech & Language Pathologist (949) 515-6534
TBD Secondary Office Support Specialist (949) 515-6503