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READ ALL instructions first!

1- Select and click on the button below:


2- Click on "Student" tab

3- User name is ID#

4- Password is Network Login

5- Your test will be listed on the right side of the screen

Interview: Aldous Huxley

Interview Click on the word Interview and you will be directed to a video interview with Aldous Huxley.

LAWSC all-female company brings HAMLET to life

Mr. John Yeomans'

Senior Finals

Please bring a sharpened number 2 pencil for the test.



Period 1 and 5-  Monday  6/17

Period 2-            Tuesday 6/18

Period 4-            Thursday 6/13

Period 3 -           Wednesday 6/12


No assignments will be eligible after the period final for make-up.

Any student with an excused absent must be in room 252 at 3:45 to make up missed assignments.


Flipgrid - TedTalk Competition!

Okay Seniors,


You have completed your research and now it's time to share your knowledge using Flipgrid. Prepare your presentation as if you were a professional speaking on the the topic. Be serious or interject humor if appropriate and think about your background. You may use your phone or home computer to complete this assignment so pay attention to family pets or other disruptions that may effect your talk. Now to the good stuff...


A competition! When we return from break we will be listening to live presentations in class and then have the opportunity to critique the presentation. Each class will vote for the top three and each top winners will receive a prize. The three top winners from each period will then be evaluated and the grand prize winner will receive a fabulous prize! (The prize will be determined between the winner and Mr. Yeomans - food?)


Good luck and have fun creating your videos.

Research Presentation

Student have completed a thorough research paper on the topic of their choice and the next step is sharing what they learned. They will have a choice of how they present their findings:


Option A- a typical 5-7 minute in class presentation with Google Slides to enhance what they are speaking about


Option B- create a TedTalk style presentation, video record it and post it on our Flipgrid site (4-5 min)


Students will need to commit to either format by the end of class on 4/1 A day or 4/2 B day


This may be the student's first experience with Flipgrid so there is a quick introductory assignment that is required to introduce the students to the format. To login and create a video students will need a Chromebook (We will use the ones in the library) or a cell phone- which ever they prefer.


The following links will take you to and the appropriate period. Complete the introduction assignment; it's easy, record yourself telling your name and one of your hobbies or favorite sports. After you see how this works then you will need to decide if you want to present in front of class or use the Flipgrid video format.


Period  1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5

Third Quarter - Research Resources

Academically focused search engines:


Website to help site sources to create a works cited page:

Chaucer- The Pardoner's Tale

The following link is to an online version of the tale that were read in class. Students worked in class with a partner to create summary notes of each paragraph in each story. The summary sentence should be simple in nature but capture the essence of the plot.


Students who were absent from class: Complete the assignment and turn in Monday, 11/5/2018, if you would like to receive credit for this assignment. It is the end of the quarter and it will not be accepted after that time.


The Pardoner's Tale


The tale begins with a prologue on page 170.

Chaucer- The Canterbury Tales

The following links are to online versions of the tales that were read in class. Students worked in class with a partner to create summary notes of each paragraph in each story. The attached stories are not in paragraph form so students will need to create a summary sentence for aver ten to twelve lines. The summary sentence should be simple in nature but capture the essence of the plot.


The Nun's Priest's Tale


The Pardoner's Tale

King Arthur WebQuest


Select the link below and learn about the legend of King Arthur. You will need to open a Google Doc to compose your response to the questions listed and submit to

Satire- Audio Lecture

Audio Lecture



Video sample