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LAWSC all-female company brings HAMLET to life

Mr. John Yeomans'

Hybrid learning

Hybrid Learning Expectations

From home:

Students will log in on Zoom for at least the first fifteen minutes of class when working from home to receive assignments and instructions. Students must follow the school's guidelines for being online.



Students must bring their fully charged Chromebook to class each day. Do not bring food or beverages into the classroom to be consumed during the period. Any such items must be in a closed backpack or suitable container to be kept safe for later consumption. Students will be taken outside during the class period for a mask-break. Masks must be worn at all times on campus and in the classroom as per District policy.



Zoom Expectations

*Find a quiet area to work

*Dress appropriately

*Log-in using your NMUSD login 

*Attendance is mandatory

*Use appropriate language and turn off all other electronics

*Sit up so I can see your whole face and be ready to learn when class begins