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About Estancia

School and Community Profile

Estancia High School is located in Costa Mesa, California and is part of the Newport-Mesa Unified School District which serves approximately 21,000 students who reside in the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.  Estancia High School is an educational facility whose faculty, staff, and community serves the needs of nearly 1,200 students. Estancia High School is one of four comprehensive high schools in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The school is situated on 42 acres of land, about one-half mile from the Pacific Ocean.  Estancia High School sits on a coastal bluff surrounded by man-made and natural points of interest such as the Costa Mesa Golf Course, the Talbert Nature Reserve and Fairview Park.  The school lies between two distinctly different demographic neighborhoods.  The student population at Estancia High School varies in socioeconomic status between the two feeder areas.  The socioeconomic level of surrounding community varies from low to upper middle class.  Estancia High School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

Mission Statement

The mission of Estancia High School is to ensure that all students demonstrate high academic achievement and sustain successful post high school pursuits.  To accomplish this mission, Estancia will maintain an ethical, nurturing and challenging learning environment. 

Graduation Outcomes

Graduates of Estancia High School will be:


Responsible Individuals

* Understanding and respecting diversity

* Making a positive contribution to school and community

* Demonstrating honest, ethical, courteous behavior and personal accountability

* Making wise choices that promote a healthy lifestyle and environment


Self-Directed Learners

* Setting priorities and achievable personal, academic and career goals

* Seeking and utilizing resources to demonstrate mastery of content

* Utilizing critical thinking to solve problems

* Recognizing personal needs and utilizing supplemental services


Effective Communicators

* Demonstrating proficiency in written, oral and visual communication

* Receiving and interpreting information through reading, listening and dialogue

* Contributing and functioning in various group settings

* Communicating effectively through the appropriate use of multimedia and technology