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star Testing

To take a STAR Reading Test go to the Renaissance Link on Class Link. 

Teen Book Cloud

Click the link below to go to Teen Book Cloud:

Username: estanciahs

Password: login


Newport Beach Public Library.

username: estancia

password: 23254004534562


Click on DESTINY

to search the Estancia library.


Library Hours

The library is open the following hours:

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

We are open daily during break and lunch.

Need a good book suggestion?

For the help center, please contact:

Debbie FitzGerald

(949) 515-6512 Librarian

Carolyn Parks

(949) 515-6512 Library Assistant



Please take care of your Chromebooks!

You will be charged the following for loss and damages:

Screen- $50

Keyboard- $50

Camera- $50

Charger- $50

(Students can purchase chargers on Amazon or elsewhere for cheaper.)

Lost Chromebook- $275

If you need to pay for CB charges, come to the Library and get a payment form to take to the ASB office.